Luapress v4.0

Markdown goes in, HTML comes out. Luapress is a simple and fast static site/blog generator.

Install with Luarocks:

$ luarocks install luapress

Create a new site in the current directory:

$ luapress init

Drop Markdown files in posts/ & pages/ and build with:

$ luapress

Markdown Extras

Luapress handles a few extensions to normal markdown:

Config Options

Modify the auto-generated config.lua to customise the Luapress output:

All the available options and defaults can be viewed in the default config.


Multiple environments can be defined in the config file:

config = {
    url = 'http://localhost/mysite',
    envs = {
        production = {
            url = '',
            build_dir = 'production'

To build against envs:

# Builds default (localhost/mysite) to ./build (the default)
$ luapress

# Builds production ( to ./production
$ luapress production


Luapress templates can be written mustache, etlua or LHTML. You only need to worry about a few files:

The included templates and this website serve as good references for building templates.


Plugins can be used like so:

$! MY_PLUGIN arg, arg, arg !$

To use plugins not included with Luapress, just drop them in plugins/ alongside your posts/ and pages/. Plugins must contain an init.lua file which returns a single function. Check out the gallery plugin as a good reference for building plugins.